Commercial Services

When it comes to cleaning your workplace, you can rest assure that only quality products will be used, we value the space and environment your employees share.  OM-OB will make sure your workplace is clean and safe of any harmful chemicals.

(Contract Fee Yearly Renewed)

A list of services that we offer for your corporate and commercial business is listed below, any additional service will be provided at a additional cost.

 Commercial Services Provided

commercial servicesCleaning of Floors (Damp Moping)
Vacuum (all carpet areas)
Trash Removal
Dusting (all hard furniture surfaces)
Polishing Furniture
Window Cleaning (inside)
Bathrooms (sinks, floors, glass, toilets)
Cleaning Blinds
Waxing (upon request or as needed)
Carpet Shampoo (as scheduled or needed)

Additional pricing available contact our office

We offer emergency service to your commercial building; prior notice in advance of any special service is required 24 hours before.


When your space matters, we keep it clean!